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دانلود با لینک مستقیم بهترین بازی های اندروید از شرکت Gameloft

Gameloft HD Games for Android | Size: 504.6 MB

Gameloft is a leading international publisher and developer of video games for mobile phones and consoles. Established in 1999, it has emerged as one of the top innovators in its field. The company creates games for mobile handsets equipped with Java, Brew or Symbian technology. The total number of games-enabled handsets is anticipated to exceed four billion units by 2012. Gameloft games are also available to players on WiiWare and DS, Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade, Apple’s iPod, iTouch and iPhones, and PCs.
Partnership agreements with leading licensors and sports personalities such as Ubisoft Entertainment, Universal Pictures, ABC, Dreamworks Animations SKG, Endemol, 20th Century Fox, Viacom, Sony Pictures, Touchtone Television, Warner Bros., FifPro, Ferrari, Paris Hilton, Gus Hansen, Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter, Reggie Bush, Chuck Norris, Jonny Wilkinson or Robinho allow Gameloft to form strong relationships with international brands. In addition to the partnerships, Gameloft owns and operates titles such as Block Breaker Deluxe, Asphalt: Urban GT and New York Nights.
Through agreements with major telephone wireless carriers, handset manufacturers, specialized distributors and its online shop, Gameloft has a distribution network in over 80 plus countries.

Review Gameloft HD Games for Android

- Asphalt 5 & 6 HD
Get your adrenaline pumping for the newest edition of the Asphalt series. Discover 42 cars & bikes from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ducati and other world-class manufacturers. Build a collection in your 3D garage that you can explore using the touch screen, then tune your vehicle & customize it with decals before tearing up the streets of L.A., Tokyo, the Bahamas & other beautiful locations, each rendered in HD. You’ll be driving against tough opponents in 11 different leagues with 55 events plus Online/Local Multiplayer for up to 6 players.
- Assassins Creed Altairs Chronicles HD
Jerusalem, 1191 AD. The Third Crusade between the Crusaders and Saracens is tearing the Holy Land apart. You are Altaпr, a Master Assassin sent by the Order of the Assassins on a quest to steal the Chalice from the Templars in order to end the Crusades. The fate of the Holy Land depends on you... Plunge into this direct prequel to the critically acclaimed Assassins Creed, offering rich gameplay and a well balanced mix of stealth, chaotic action, and puzzle-solving exploration in the midst of fully 3D-rendered, historical Middle Eastern environments of the Crusades.
- Brothers In Arms 2 Global Front HD
The highly acclaimed Brothers in Arms series returns for its most compelling battle yet amidst the fires of WWII. Play the solo Story mode or battle with up to 5 friends in multiplayer conflicts across 5 locations in Africa, Europe and the Pacific. Each environment and character is beautifully rendered in realistic 3D, making the action more lifelike as you dive and duck from cover to cover and assault the enemy. Pick up machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles, flamethrowers and more, or jump inside a tank, vehicle and even a glider as you press your way through enemy lines.
- Dungeon Hunter 1 & 2 HD
The epic tale of Dungeon Hunter continues, opening a wide new world for you to explore and conquer in this thrilling action RPG. Journey back to Gothicus, 25 years after the events of the first game, as the son of the immortal king. Uncover the mystery of the plot against your kingdom as you hack your way through larger dungeons and more ferocious monsters than ever before. But a hero is only as strong as the warriors by his side: team up with up to 3 fellow hunters and rise through the online leaderboards. Together, there’s no dungeon you can’t clear!
- Fishing Kings HD
Catch tons of fish in 5 diverse locations around the world in the best fishing game on mobile! An accessible gameplay will let you enjoy this fun and intense experience! And you can even witness the heart of the action with a very immersive underwater camera feature. Its time to grab your rod and make the biggest catch!
- Gangstar Miami Vindication HD
Enjoy the most immersive full-3D crime simulation ever on smartphone! Gangstar: Miami Vindication has a new, unique feel that delivers a deep storyline of revenge: plunge into Miami gang life and live a fast-paced adventure to liberate your little brother who has been kidnapped by the Armada gang for unknown reasons…
- Gangstar West Coast Hustle HD
Move to the West Coast and immerse yourself in L.A. gang life with the new Gangstar. Explore more realistic environments than ever for a unique gameplay experience. Complete 50 different missions that combine the best of action games and driving games.
- GT Racing Motor Academy HD
Access the greatest licensed content ever for a racing game on Android phones, including over 100 cars from the worlds most famous manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Audi. Take your wheels for a spin on 14 tracks including the iconic Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, as well as urban and even rally tracks.
- Hero of Sparta HD
You wake up alone on an unknown beach -- your boat and entire fleet missing... Its the beginning of an epic odyssey to find out just what game the gods are playing with you, King Argos. Your fate now lies in their hands. Battle like the fierce Spartan warrior you are to avoid a tragic death as you journey from the Oracles Island to Atlantis and finally to the depths of the Underworld. You will fight the most phenomenal monsters from mythology, defy Cerberus and the Cyclops, and challenge the gods themselves! Its your chance to write your own legend... if you can survive this mythic adventure.
- James Camerons Avatar HD
Go deeper into the spectacular world of James Camerons Avatar™ and embark on a journey of redemption and discovery two decades prior to the events in the film. As Cpt. Ryan Lorenz, youll transmit your consciousness into the body of an experimental human-Navi hybrid, becoming the first avatar. Can you anticipate the powerful transformation about to unfold? Will you use your new powers to save the Navi, or will you work with the humans to destroy their world?
- Lets Golf! 1 & 2 HD
If youre looking for a faster, more colorful and fun golf experience, Lets Golf! 2 is just the game to liven things up! Pick from 8 colorful and customizable 3D characters, each with their own special power, then travel to 6 exotic and wild locations to play 108 holes in more detailed locations than ever. And for the first time on Android, you can play multiplayer golf with your friends online or locally.
- Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD
Finish what you started. In Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, complete the mission unveiled in the first opus of one of the most acclaimed FPS games on Android, this time on fronts all over the globe. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus further improves the exemplary gameplay of the first Modern Combat game for an astounding immersion in a modern war experience and the one of the most complete FPS multiplayer games on Android.
- Modern Combat Sandstorm HD
Gamelofts new action thriller will plunge you into the heart of modern war. Assigned to Operation Sandstorm, your duty is to locate and annihilate a terrorist cell setting up shop and recruiting foreign insurgents in a remote desert. This heart-stopping FPS will equip you with the most sophisticated modern-day weapons.
- N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD
Join the fight for mankinds survival against the aggressive aliens known as Judges in this revolutionary sci-fi FPS. With Earth no longer able to sustain life, huge artificial satellites called "near-orbitals" were constructed for people to live on. To protect themselves, the near-orbitals banded together to form N.O.V.A., the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance. Against his will, retired marine hero Kal Wardin is forcefully returned to active duty to prevent mankinds annihilation. Plunge into an unparalleled gaming experience!
- Oregon Trail HD
Westward, Ho! Were headin for Oregon! Your favorite pioneering adventure game is now available in a refreshing side-scrolling adventure! From Independence, MO, to the Willamette Valley in Oregon, build real-life decision-making and problem-solving skills as you choose your wagon party and supplies, read maps, plan your route and guide your party through the unknown frontier. Survive the dangers of the long journey, from raging rivers and bear attacks to sickness and starvation, in the renowned historical adventure.
- Real Football 2010 & 2011 HD
Weve brought the game to an all-new playing field for the most realistic soccer experience. Prepare for totally new graphics and motion-capture-based animations that will impress even fans of the series. This is your chance to be a Real Soccer champion, just like David Villa, in the most exciting sports simulation to date. Enjoy varied game modes plus Multiplayer to challenge your friends, then show the world your best replays by uploading them directly to YouTube.
- Shrek Kart HD
Once Upon a Time… Shrek and his friends are on a quest: To become the Kingdoms Fastest Kart Racer! Race to your own Fairy Tale ending behind the wheel of each characters custom-built kart and try to win Ye Grand Tournament. Explore the sights and secret shortcuts throughout the Kingdom, from Shreks home in The Swamp to the hallowed halls of Worcestershire High to the palm-lined streets of Far Far Away. Challenge your friends to eat your dust in multiplayer and arena modes! All is fair(y) in this twisted tournament tale: Special Abilities and Power-ups are part of the arsenal. Drop the Cow That Jumped Over the Moon on Donkey, foil Puss In Boots with a Kart-Seeking Pumpkin and blast past Gingy with some high ogre-octane gas. But remember: Only 1st Place lives Happily Ever After!
- Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man battles to save his beloved city! Spider-Man will need to use all of his great powers to save New York from the worst breakout of Super Villains the city has ever seen. Fight against time to stop the madness and mayhem created by the Super Villains who want to take over the city and disperse a poisonous virus! Spider-Man: Total Mayhem captures all the action, humor and fun of the Ultimate series in state-of-the-art gameplay and animations. Are you up for the challenge?
- Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction HD
Play as Sam Fisher, a highly skilled Special Forces operative and fight a corrupt secret agency to get your daughter back. Follow a trail of intrigue that leads from Iraq to a high-security building in Washington. Run, jump, fight, and shoot using a handgun, shotgun, AK47 and bazooka, or maintain stealth by improvising with nearby objects. You are now a renegade spy agent; you dont follow any orders except for your own rules of engagement!
Play the 1 classic card game for fun with friends and family on your Android phone! The world-famous card game is faithfully reproduced for mobile and also features exciting new rules. Relive all the crazy fun of UNO™: match colors or numbers with all your favorite cards or challenge yourself with increasingly difficult games in Tournament Mode. Compete against friends in thrilling games: with a multiplayer mode that can be accessed 24/7 via Wi-Fi connection, playing UNO™ has never been so fun and easy, so be the first to get rid of all your cards!

Supported devices:

Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab
Samsung GT-P1000L
Samsung SCH-T849 Galaxy Tab
Samsung SPH-P100
Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S
Samsung GT-i9000B Galaxy
Samsung GT-i9000T
Samsung SPH-D700 Epic 4G
Samsung SCH-i500 Fascinate
Samsung SCH-T959 Vibrant
Samsung SCH-i400 Atlas
Samsung i9023 Google Nexus S
Motorola Droid X
Motorola Milestone
Motorola Motoroid/Sholes Tablet
Motorola A955 Droid 2
Motorola Atrix
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i
HTC Desire/Bravo
HTC Evo 4G
HTC Google Nexus One
HTC Incredible
HTC Scorpion
HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire Z
HTC My Touch 4G

If your devices is not listed just pick one which is similar to yours.
A list of which version of the game supports which devices is inside every archive.

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